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    “Destiny’s Child” Michelle Williams Encourages Fans To Seek Help

    It’s one thing to admit we’re suffering. However, it’s entirely another to ask for help. Former Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams encourages fans to seek help when dealing mental illness. Like so many celebrities, the singer has suffered from depression since her early teens. After receiving the help she needed, she’s making it her life’s work to assist others searching for guidance and help. Even as the month of Mental Illness Awareness comes to a close, it’s not too late to talk to someone.

                Michelle Williams Asks Fans To Seek Help

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    Asking for help doesn’t come easy for people. Most either normalize their suffering or don’t educate themselves on mental illness. In a worst case scenario, some people don’t believe they have a problem to begin with. Honestly, everyone has something wrong with them mentally. Even celebrities struggle with mental illness. For instance, former Destiny’s Child star Michelle Williams recently admitted that she’s struggled with depression since her early teens. After seeking help from healthcare professionals, the star sought to help others receive help.

    In July 2018, Williams wrote on an Instagram that she wants to “empower people to seek help.” Furthermore, the Destiny’s Child alum firmly believes that if “you can change your mind, you change your life.” In other words, a person can accomplish a lot if they learn to change their mind.

                            The Singer Tells Her Story

    seek help
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    While struggling with mental illness herself, Michelle Williams seeks to help empower those who need help the most. She’s become an advocate for mental health awareness. Not to mention, she’s brave enough to share her story of her mental illness.

    During a recent interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, the star admitted she suffers from depression. Moreover, Williams explained to Roberts that she’s struggled with depression since she was 13-years-old. Though, it wasn’t until her 30s that the star received a confirmed diagnosis. “I found help when my responses—just the anger and the irritability and the bitterness—was just out of character for me,” the star told Roberts on GMA on Thursday. When asked what drove her to speak about her struggles with depression, Williams admitted that she’d run out of options. The star had no where to turn for help. Luckily, she received the guidance and understanding she needed in time.

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