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    Derek Chauvin Sentenced To 20 Years For The Murder Of George Floyd

    Derek Chauvin received a 20-year sentence on Thursday for his involvement in the murder of George Floyd. The separate federal charge states he violated George Floyd’s civil rights on the day of May 25 2020. As witnesses stood recording the incident, Derek knelt down on George’s neck for nearly nine minutes. The cruelty and nature of his death sparked outrage everywhere as it was recorded for the world to see. Protests and rallies from all over the world helped bring awareness to this wrongful death.

    Derek Chauvin approached George Floyd on suspicion of a counterfeit bill in his possession. The supposed fake $20 bill was never located. Initially Derek and the other officers involved were not charged or held accountable for Floyd’s death. However, the outrage from the murder went viral urging justice be served. Last year Derek was sentenced to 22 and half years by the Hennepin County District Court on the state level. He has been serving that sentence in a state prison since last year.

    In a plea agreement made by Derek, he will serve the federal and state sentence consecutively in a federal prison. This would bring his total time behind bars to about 234 months, pending no early release.Three other officers were also charged on the federal level with violating Floyd’s civil rights. Sentencing for the former officers is set for August of this year. Derek Chauvin is the first white police officer to be charged and convicted of murdering a civilian in the state.

    The death of George Floyd not only sparked outrage but reminded us of the racially motivated world we live in. As a Black man Floyd was targeted, mistreated and ultimately killed. As bystanders watched, his life was relentlessly taken by the hands of someone meant to protect and serve.

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