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    Darren Criss Says He Will Stop Taking Gay Roles From Gay Actors

    Actor Darren Criss, in a recent interview, says that he is done with playing gay characters.

    The actor is also best-known for his roles in shows like “American Horror Story” and “Glee”. In the interview, the actor said:

     “There are certain [queer] roles that I’ll see that are just wonderful. But I want to make sure I won’t be another straight boy taking a gay man’s role.”

    Darren Criss’ reluctance to play a gay character is pretty understandable. Gay representation, by gay actors, is a big problem in Hollywood. One of the biggest examples of this issue is Brokeback Mountain. The movie is about the love story of two cowboys in the 1960’s. However, even though the movie is about gay love, it has heterosexual actors as gay men. So, while, gayness might be in the movie, gay actors are not represented in the movie.

    Therefore, Darren Criss is doing the right thing by not taking any more gay roles. The LGBTQ community deserves to see themselves represented properly in the media. By not taking gay roles, Criss is giving an opportunity for a gay actor to take a role and properly represent his community.

    Do you agree with Darren Criss? Is the problem just straight actors stealing gay roles? Or, is it much deeper?

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