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    Comedian Gary G. Garcia’s Goals For Greatness

    Gary G. Garcia, NYC Rapper Turned Comic

    Gary G. Garcia first started doing comedy because his friend and fellow podcast host, Leo, encouraged him to do his first open mic before Leo left town for a trip to Puerto Rico. Leo wanted to finally see comedian Gary Garcia perform on stage for the first time, and this encouragement was all that Gary needed.

    Garcia’s first set was the beginning of a 3-month winning streak. Once it ended, it didn’t even matter.

    “It didn’t really affect me much. I didn’t really care ‘cause at that point I knew that I was pretty good,” Garcia explains.

    By this time, Garcia had already won a contest at Broadway Comedy Club and was comfortable experimenting with performing for lengthier stretches of time.

    Confidents Charms The Crowd

    Gary G. Garcia’s comedy has always been confident. He had already mastered his stage presence as a professional musician. About a year into comedy, Gary performed at the legendary Dangerfield’s Comedy Club.

    He thought his performance had been great, but then he watched the video someone had recorded.

    “I watched the video tape,” Garcia says. “I was like, ‘Yo, I sucked!’”

    That’s when Gary started to focus more on his material. He adds that “Confidence goes a long way, but it’ll only take you as far as it can take you.” To start building his material, Gary decided to go on his first tour.

    Garcia has always felt what he describes as a “calling” for pursuing a career in comedy.

    “It’s a lot easier to talk about things than to make them rhyme,” Garcia says. “So, to me it was a little easier to do than music.”

    He also learned that he enjoyed the independence and creative control he experienced as a comedian because he was so used to working as a team with his band.

    Steadily Growing Towards Success

    After he was let go from his once-stable job as a designer, Gary G. Garcia opened a restaurant while still dabbling in comedy. With the demands of his budding comedy career steadily mounting, Garcia decided to sell his share of the restaurant he helped to build and commit full-time to a career in comedy.

    More and more, Garcia has grown stronger as a comedian and more respectful of stand-up comedy as the artform that it is.

    “You gotta get out there and live,” Garcia says. “The more I live, the more material I’ll have.”

    Gary is in a competition with himself. He’s grateful to have people come back to see his sets. Therefore, he’s motivated to come up with new material that they’ve never heard before.

    Gary Garcia Thinks Women Are Funny 

    Gary G. Garcia knows personally how slimy, depressing, and at times lonely the comedy industry can get. Garcia has his own fears and experiences, and so he cherishes female comedians. He wants them on more shows.

    “I always try to get [funny women] gigs because 1. We need more females on these shows. They’re all men. We don’t need more men on these shows!” Garcia elaborates.

    But, Garcia also realizes that people are very reluctant to feature female comedians no matter how good they are.

    “[Bookers are] like, ‘Oh, we don’t got time!’ And then I see another dude on the stage,” Garcia says.

    Gary is adverse to this kind of mediocrity because he dreams of greatness.

    The show is what it’s all about, and it’s where he is the happiest. Although he does enjoy the success he has already achieved, his goal is to be one of the greatest comedians who ever lived.

    “There comes a point where it just becomes opinion, but I would like to be in that conversation every time it comes up,” Garcia concludes.

    To support Gary G. Garcia, be sure to check out his website to purchase some merch!


    1. Great article! I have had the pleasure of witnessing several of Gary’s shows and I do declare that he is awesome and very funny! His intelligence shines brightly through his work. And I totally agree with Gary in that we definitely need to have more females present in the comedy world!

    2. Gary Garcia has grown into a serious comic dare I say comedian. He headlines in atlantic city. And hearing his goals and thoughts about comedy tells me he is going to go far

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