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    Chinese Artist Creates Breathtaking “Stairway to Heaven” Tribute for Grandma

    The height of the installation was up to 502 meters 1650 feet. Sky ladder is the most magnificent ladder in history. The gorgeously mounting framework known as “Sky Ladder” was constructed from copper wire filled with gunpowder and flown into the nighttime sky, leaving an indelible impression on us. Chinese artist Guo-Qiang, internationally recognized for his groundbreaking use of fireworks in art. He composed the image as a personal homage to his grandmother, a ladle who gave him the moralistic backing to follow an artistic pathway.

    A representative of Mr. Guo-Qiang described to the press:

    “From the conceptual renditions to the execution of the actual ladder, it was a rigorous and thorough progression. … This isn’t merely about a spectacular impressive; the Sky Ladder epitomizes the deep appreciation Mr. Guo-Qiang has for the irreversibility of his grandmother’s dedication to him”.

    The path to realizing this ambitious vision was not without obstacles. The artist’s first attempt in 1994 was stopped by strong winds, and the next one in 2001 was interrupted by security measures after 9/11. However, Guo-Qiang’s perseverance was a reflection of the unyielding spirit he wanted the work to capture.

    Lastly, in 2015, the “Sky Ladder” project was successfully realized. Eyewitnesses testimonies provide an image of ignited the artwork as an enchanting performance – a luminous ribbon of fire gracefully climbing towards the heavens. This symbolic element made a strong visual impact on the audience and quickly spread on social networks.

    But the influence of the work went far beyond that one night. “Sky Ladder” was the subject of a full-length Netflix documentary, expanding the scope of its impact. The video has received millions of views, ensuring that the work serves as a legacy and a symbol of global love, drive, and the transformative power of art.

    “Sky Ladder” transcends a personal tribute. Instead, it has metamorphosed into a universal sign of compassion, yearning, and the potential of art to contact person’s feelings. The burning bridge is a glowing sign of anticipation, a signal that our most presumptuous aspirations may yet take wing.

    Those who dont know much about Pyrotechnics, Pyrotechnics is the science and craft of creating things like fireworks, safety matches, oxygen candles, explosive bolts and other fasteners, parts of automotive airbags, as well as gas-pressure blasting in mining, quarrying, and demolition. This trade relies upon self-contained and self-sustained exothermic chemical reactions to make heat, light, gas, smoke and/or sound.

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