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    Catholic Church Leader Pope Francis vs. Predators in The Pulpit!

    Religious leader Pope Francis is now aiming to take a vigilant stance against creeps in the pulpit.

    The Catholic Church has come under rapid fire in recent months after multiple reports of abuse and sexual misconduct have come to light. As reported by the New York Times, in Illinois alone, there have been more than 500 names added to the list of accused predators.

    Due to these disheartening statistics, Pope Francis has decided to take full accountability for the evil trends taking place in the Catholic community by the hands of “ordained” priests.

    Francis is now on a mission to expose these acts, rather than brushing the crisis under the table. He stated in particular that “…the Church will spare no effort to do all that is necessary to bring to justice whoever has committed such crimes.” Priests that have played a part in inappropriate encounters are now urged to confess and turn themselves in.

    What do you think about Pope Francis’ new mission? Is it long overdue or have these new ideas come at just the right time? Leave your opinion down below, and for more breaking international news, keep it looked on!

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