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    Canna Club Comedy, Gary G. Garcia Takes Human Connection To New Heights

    Weed And Comedy

    When it comes to smoking weed before a performance, comedian Gary G. Garcia says he does it all the time. “It’s a much more mellow experience!” says Garcia, who is 52. He claims smoking weed doesn’t affect him very much anymore. Gary says, “it’s just what I do”.

    For Gary, stand up comedy is all about him finding his voice and then speaking it more clearly. Gary says, “I get better every time I go on stage.” He continues, “So, I hope I’ve improved dramatically!” Oddly, he finds it more difficult connecting to a stoned audience than the regular ones.

    Comedy during Hard Times

    Still, Gary feels that the world is reluctantly starting to catch up to his pessimistic world-view. He describes it as a feeling like he is at times predicting a future he himself doesn’t want. Gary doesn’t necessarily think that he’s right about anything specific, but he knows he has been speaking about what he sees, and now those topics are almost universally relatable topics to write comedic material about. For those having a hard time coping with such harsh realities, Gary G. Garcia has some advice. Gary says to toughen up. Why? Gary explains, “it only gets worse!”

    Gary wants people to realize that the world doesn’t owe anybody anything. Luckily, he believes most folks are in fact way tougher than even they themselves are aware of. Gary is confident that fear is essential to the equation.

    “Strength comes from doing what you have to do even though it scares you”.

    Garcia and other men his age can relate to being forced to conquer their dread constantly. Gary remembers, “people [in the past] wanted to be able to take care of themselves and those they care about!” Gary observes that nowadays the desire is more about being taken care of.

    How do you cope with the harshness in your life? What are your thoughts about weed’s place in nightlife? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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