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    California Standoff: 738 Days in a Tree to Save a 1,000-Year-Old Wonder

    Discover how one woman refused to leave the 180-foot towering branches of a giant redwood she named home for over two years. Radical environmental activist Julia “Butterfly” Hill lived in the element from December 1997 to December 1999 to shield the towering tree, Luna, from the cutting hands of the Pacific Lumber Company.

    What prompted Julia’s radical actions? She had a life-changing experience with nature and decided to dedicate her life to it. When she discovered that men would cut down Luna, there was only one way of saving the beauty – by climbing a tree. Thus, in December 1997, she climbed Luna and did not leave it until December 1999.

    Luna was no ordinary tree. The ancient redwoods are massive marvels, with some exceeding 300 feet in stature and lasting forever. These behemoths make critical living room for innumerable species and are fundamental to the environment’s overall health. However, the crucial trees were endangered by the logging industry.

    Julia’s tree-to-ceiling resistance brought the conflict to an unprecedented stop. The Pacific Lumber Company was locked in a struggle with this fierce campaigner to harvest the precious lumber. However, Julia was not on her own. With support from a large network of collaborators, she was provided with provisions and obtained publicity nationwide.

    Amazing as it is, but 738 days later the most incredible win ever was achieved. Finally, the agreement was reached, and Julia descended from Luna – Luna and an additional surrounding area were saved from logging! This was a land art moment in the environmental history of the United States. Stand told the world the story of how one woman could change the world and forever engrave the tragedy of old-growth forests in people’s memories.

    To this day, Luna stands and is a testament to Julia’s courage. But much more it is. Julia Butterfly Hill really could acquire an extraordinary taste for another ordinary person.
    If you’re looking to learn more about Julia and her ongoing environmental work, visit her website at Julia Butterfly Hill.

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