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    Britney Spears, Advocate For Conservatorships Helps With Cali Bid

    Britney Spears’ Case Starts A Movement

    Britney Spears has shown a thick skin through all the battles in her life. Her conservatorship played a big part. In fact, the court heard a proposal Wednesday, Jan. 19, to help many individuals under conservatorships. It would give more protection to court-ordered conservatorships and provide alternative options before further violation of personal freedoms.

    As people followed Spears and her father’s, James Spears conservatorship, the world began to see what was truly happening to the pop icon. As more news began to unfold, the Los Angeles County courtroom shortly began to realize that was a bit chaotic. It was not the right decision for Spears’.

    Taking 14 years of her life, Spears’ conservatorship ended in November of last year, and right then, a spark began to shine on cases regarding court-ordered conservatorships. According to Associated Press, groups including Disability Rights California, Disability Rights Education, Defense Fund, and Free Britney are known as “probate conservatorships” overused and misused.

    Conservatees ‘Trapped’ and Seek Better Alternatives

    Upon hearing the advocates speak for the “Womanizer” star, it became clear that the extra steps are not in the individual’s best interest. People should take extra precaution before making such a life-changing decision.

    “But the advocacy groups contend that conservatees like Spears can become trapped in a system,” The Associated Press writes. “That removes their civil rights and the ability to advocate for themselves.”

    Many that stand behind the “Toxic” star’s conservatorship and other cases throughout California have tried to make it easier and create a better alternative. Democratic Assemblyman Brian Maienschien has made it easier for people to get out of conservatorships.

    Court-issued conservators often do not thoroughly examine the individual before making that crucial decision. For the most part, take every power of that individual away just in minutes.

    “Maienschein’s bill would require that before granting a conservatorship,” the Associated Press added. “Judges first document that all other alternatives including supported decision-making have been considered.”

    Moving Forward

    Advocate groups and laws like Maienschein’s Bill look out for the conservatees’ best interests and decide based on their wishes. As more alternatives emerge in court-ordered conservatorships, Spears and many others use their voice.

    Britney Spears and many other conservatees are getting a fresh start on life and the opportunity to make their own decisions.


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