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    Black Fashion Icons of The 21st Century

    These Black fashion icons deserve the same hype as their white counterparts

    Black fashion icons like Iman, Dianna Ross, Billie Holiday, and Beverly Johnson have paved the way for iconic fashion. However, many 21st Century Black fashion icons don’t receive the same praise and appreciation as their white counterparts. So, here is a list of ten modern Black fashion icons that deserve more praise. Moreover, the women on this list should also be recognized for their accomplishments as actresses, politicians, models, musicians, poets, activists, and designers. 

    Keke Palmer 


    Keke Palmer, a notable actress, singer, and television personality, is also a fashion icon! From Nickelodeon to the Met Gala, Palmer’s style has evolved and is definitely underrated. Her recent role in Jordan Peele’s NOPE proved yet again, that she can act! Her style across red carpets is elegant and chic and she’s never afraid to play with bold colors. 

    Naomi Cambell 

    Red Carpet Event

    Naomi Cambell, a well-known supermodel of the 90’s, has recently shown us her unique fashion style. Campbell who still walks runway shows like Versace has developed a unique style of bold yet sophisticated looks. She is the ultimate power woman.


    The Met Gala

    Ciara, a successful singer, songwriter, and dancer, never fails to break the barriers of fashion. Ciara, who is also the creator of The House of LR&C along with Russell Wilson, and Christine Day, is notably a fashion icon. The House of LR&C’s mission, as stated on their website, is to democratize retail and transform the fashion industry to be inclusive, community-driven, and focused on creating significant positive change on a large scale. Their new fashion brand LITA (Love is Always The Answer) is inspired by Ciara’s mission to make accessible and luxury clothing for women. Ciara’s personal style is full of bright colors and mini dresses but also darker more sophisticated looks. 

    Yara Shahidi

    Fashion Icon
    Casual Street Style

    Yara Shahidi, is an actress, model, and former Harvard graduate. She is best known for her role in the sitcom black-ish. Aside from her many skills, Shahidi has some great fashion sense! Shahidi’s wardrobe is full of bright colors but she also appreciates a simple black or white outfit.

    Amanda Gorman

    Presidential Inauguration

    Amanda Gorman, a successful poet, and activist displayed a favorite look among many at the inauguration of President Joe Biden. For her poetic speech at the inauguration, Gorman wore a striking yellow coat with a red headband. Her style is full of bright colors like yellow, orange, and green. She also knows how to style a good headband!

    Lupita Nyong’o

    Elevated Street Style

    Lupita Nyong’o a successful actress, never fails to stun an audience with her red carpet looks. One of Nyong’o looks stunning in the purple or blue gowns she wears. One of her most iconic red carpet looks was a light blue Prada dress she wore to the 2014 Oscars. However, she also knows the power of a casual look as seen in the photograph above.

    Michelle Obama 

    Fashion Icon
    Vogue Photoshot

    As First Lady, Michelle Obama displayed a variety of dresses up and dressed-down looks. She consistently managed to remain sophisticated yet stylish. Michelle still remains a fashion icon after her time as First Lady.

    Tracee Ellis Ross

    Fashion Icon
    Dressed Up For An Event

    Tracee Ellis Ross is known for her role on the television show Black-ish. Along with this, she also has impeccable taste and style. Ross plays around with bold colors and shapes often rocking a bright two-piece suit. She is pictured above in a pink dress giving barbiecore to the max!

    Issa Rae 

    Street style

    Issa Rae, an actress, writer, and producer plays around with bright colors often mixing and matching shapes and bold accents. She is pictured above wearing a silver two-piece set with black heels. This look is dressed up but still comfortable and laid back.

    Cardi B

    Cardi B being a fashion icon at the Grammys
    The Grammy’s

    This last one is no surprise. Singer Cardi B is well-known for her music and music videos. However, her iconic fashion is often overlooked. The star has graced the red carpet with some of the best and most iconic looks. She never fails to try something new. Cardi B is truly a fashion icon of the 21st Century. 




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