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    Despite Being Canceled, Comedian Bill Cosby Set To Embark On 2023 Tour

    Just as I expected, the year 2023 will be full of surprises. One of those surprises is the return of veteran comedian, Bill Cosby. After recently being released from prison, Cosby already has his sights set on publicly returning. In a recent interview, he indicated that he plans to begin a comedy tour in the new year. This is not something that I even considered a possibility. I figured since he got off on a technicality, he would count his blessings and be quiet.

    Test of Character

    Seeing news like this does make you wonder who would even pay to see Bill Cosby live. If someone I knew attended, I would definitely look at them slightly differently. Because why do you want to see a convicted predator perform stand-up? It’s so wild to me that before his trial, Cosby couldn’t see and was so frail he had to be carried into court and because he said his overall health was deteriorating. But now that he’s free, he’s healthy enough to go on a whole-ass tour.

    Revenge OTW

    I’m hoping that the TikTok kids will do the same thing they did to Trump’s rally tickets with Cosby’s comedy tour. If that’s not possible, I’m hoping there are some disrespectful hecklers in the audience. Regardless, my fingers are crossed that this tour has the worst possible turnout.


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