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    Bhad Bhabie Wrongfully Held by Police in Robbery Mix-Up

    The 76 Gas Station in Woodland Hills, California, was the unexpected stage for the latest drama involving Bhad Bhabie, the rapper and social media sensation whose real name is Danielle Bregoli.

    On Tuesday, June 11, 2024, Bhad Bhabie found herself at the center of a police investigation when officers responded to a robbery call near the 4500 block of Winnetka Circle. The vehicle described in the call was a silver Mercedes S-class with tinted windows—a perfect match to the car Bhad Bhabie was driving.

    Video footage captured when officers approached Bhad Bhabie and her boyfriend, Le Vaughn, at the gas station.

    “You’re not a suspect here today, and the car matches the descriptions. Tinted windows, S-class Mercedes, plates”,

    an officer is heard telling Bhad Bhabie on the video. Despite the mix-up, Bhad Bhabie and her boyfriend cooperated with the police.

    Bhad Bhabie recounted her experience and posted how relieved but frustrated she was.

    “Yesterday we got pulled over by the LAPD. They released us later and explained that they were looking for a similar car matching the description of one involved in some criminal activity. We are okay but a bit shaken. Luckily, my daughter was not in the car then ,”

    she said.

    The experience is another chapter to an eventful year already for the rapper. Just four months ago, in March, Bhad Bhabie made headlines over a brawl at restaurant Toco Madera in West Hollywood-where she slapped her boyfriend during a heated argument. Days later, she introduced her daughter into the world.

    This recent mix-up at the gas station beg some pertinent questions: a mistaken identity here, or is there more to this story? One thing is for sure as Bhad Bhabie travels the ramifications of her public life as it alternately lifts her and throws her down: Her story’s never short on drama.

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