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    Bhad Bhabie Claims She Welcomes The Haters Now

    On a daily basis, celebrities have to defend themselves from haters.  Though, rather than fighting back the fires, rapper Bhad Bhabie welcomes the haters to the party. In a recent interview, the aspiring rap star claims she’s okay with the hate. In fact, she gives the advice that if people don’t hate her, then she’ll receive no notoriety. Talk about a double-edged sword.

    Bhad Bhabie Accepts The Haters With Open Arms

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    Dealing with haters for a living can be a draining process. Though, Bhad Bhabie has received and dealt with so much hate in her career that she practically embraces it. These days, the “Bi-Polar” rapper doesn’t lash out as much at the haters anymore.

    During a sit down with HipHopDX, Bhabie explained that she now has a different outlook on the hate mail she receives. “Sometimes you just have to embrace it the hate. People are always telling me that hate just brings more attention which brings more numbers and opportunities.” Though, Bhabie admits there are times when it becomes difficult to ignore the haters. Additionally, she mentions there are times where she’ll defend herself and loved ones if need be. In some way, the rapper has learned to handle the hatred in a healthier way.

     The Female Rapper Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

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    Bhad Bhabie certainly tried to defend herself after facing harsh scrutiny for donning box braids in December 2019. Unable to walk away from the backlash she faced, the teen rapper countered that “black women wear hair from different cultures, too.” Arguably, her statement stems from a lack of understanding and insensitivity. Box braids have been apart of black female culture for years. Not to mention, they’ve remained a major staple amongst African Americans for years. Even before the stunt, Bhabie was accused of cultural appropriation for her form of speech and changing her skin tone. It’s no wonder Bhabie attracts the haters.

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