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    Bhad Bhabie Car Accident: Miraculously Free of Serious Injuries

    Danielle Bregoli, renowned by her moniker Bhad Bhabie, recently encountered a grievous vehicular mishap alongside her companion. The car was totally destroyed in the crash. Thankfully, somehow, neither she nor her friend was seriously hurt in the collision.

    Bhad Bhabie Shaken up from the Incident

    A since-deleted image of Bhad Bhabie’s Bentley showing serious damage to the front and passenger side of the car was posted on her Instagram profile on Friday (Jan. 27). Additionally, the passenger-side airbag’s deployment is visible. Bhabie claimed that her companion Tilan might not have survived if it weren’t for the weight of the luxury vehicle.

    “I’m beyond devastated… my first car totaled and over with. If the car wasn’t so heavy tilan would probably b dead, this was my first car accident I’m still shook up and don’t even wanna get in a car ever again. This experience sure showed me who really give af and who don’t! Thank god I wasn’t driving bc I wouldn’t have knew what tf to do.”

    Tilan, a friend of Bhabie, reportedly stated in her Instagram Story that the collision occurred while she was operating the vehicle.

    “Thank God her car was able to take a hit like that, the impact was so hard all the airbags deployed!”

    She also stepped up for her young friend Danielle. Unfortunately, car accidents seem to be very common for people Bhad Bhabie’s age.

    “It shows no matter what the situation is y’all drag my friend for anything but let this have turned out way worse y’all would be under the same post saying rip!”

    Bhad Bhabie also let her followers know that she had removed all of her Instagram images due to the constant bullying. Quite a different route from her decision to “welcome the haters” in late 2021.

    “But anyways my bad forgot I need to keep y’all out my business bc every thing I tell y’all is just a gateway for y’all to drag me. Shit is weird !!!”

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    Are car accidents normal for people Bhad Bhabie’s age? Did she deserve to get made fun of after this traumatic event? Is her real name, Danielle Bregoli, better than her stage name?

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