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    What Are The Best Shoes For Crossfit?

    The Best Shoes For Crossfit 1
    Undoubtedly, one of the most important elements of CrossFit equipment is footwear. Models of sports shoes for training are very different. Some are more suitable for powerlifting, others are for jumping, and so on. Even running shoes, which are considered almost ideal shoes in terms of flexibility, load resistance, ankle support, and shock absorption, are not always suitable for CrossFit.

    CrossFit became very popular last time. This is an extreme system of general physical training, based on the alternation of basic movements performed with high intensity. CrossFit is a set of exercises that are aimed at training different muscle groups. That’s why CrossFit shoes should be denser and even heavier that weightlifters often choose. In addition, the running shoe models are balanced in such a way as to give the athlete maximum stability in dynamics, rather than static, which also cannot be called an unambiguous benefit for workouts in the gym.

    Therefore, the choice of this footwear should be approached with special responsibility. The best ones are sneakers, in which the sole consists of several parts. They are easier to bend, and the heel will allow the rapid movements. Since CrossFit assumes different loads and exercises, good CrossFit shoes should be universal, having a sturdy sole, good cushioning, and reliable foot fixation. These are the basic criteria for choosing high-quality and reliable footwear for this fascinating sport.

    Main Features of Sports Shoes for CrossFit

    Presenting the best CrossFit shoes guide, it is essential to specify in details some important characteristics of this footwear.


    The ‘drop’ is the difference between the heel height and the forefoot one. The ideal drop for CrossFit shoes is about 4 mm. Such a height helps to distribute your weight and ensures a stable foot position. In order to compare, the drop of running shoes is normally 8 mm. This is not suitable if you need to control your heels during squats or power lifts


    Training shoes must have a stable and hard outsole. The stability and reliable fixation of the foot are very important during the performance of strength exercises. That’s why shoes with a sole made of foam or gel are not suitable for CrossFit.

    Outer Shoe

    The body of the CrossFit shoes must be durable. CrossFit demands you to be ready for any kind of exercises. You can jump over the rope, run with acceleration, or lift weights. So, your shoe needs to help you perform various tasks. Your shoes should guarantee the all-round inner grip – on the top, on the back, and on both sides. The lateral support also reinforces proper position during squats and exercises with weights.

    Clutch and Traction

    Exercises with weights, as well as start running, require good adhesion to the surface. Right shoes should not slide on any gym floor. The shoes have to give a sensitivity allowing a feel for the ground, platform, or box when standing on.

    Air Permeability

    During the super intensive exercises, your legs should not sweat. The shoes must have a mesh top and enable the air flow thanks to the new technologies used.

    Good Protection

    CrossFit shoes are required to provide a good protection of your feet and ankles from various outer impacts and abrasions during intense workouts. At the same time, these training shoes must defend you against inner injuries and strains.

    Special footwear is required for CrossFit. But the stated main characteristics very often are not in the first place for consumers. Supporters of healthy and active leisure when choosing sports shoes for training rely on style, originality and, of course, the popularity of the manufacturer.

    Which brands are most in demand?

    The most popular companies producing shoes for CrossFit are Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, and New Balance.

    NIKE, the Best Manufacturer of Sports Clothes and Footwear (USA)

    Nike is the owner of the most popular slogan in the world of sports – Just Do It. This company also controls Converse, its subsidiary company, known for the production of classy sneakers. This sports brand is the most sold during last years. It produces sportswear/footwear and related products of over 10 trademarks. About 50 thousand professionals around the world are involved in the development, production, advertising support, and sales of its products. Analysts estimate Nike costs almost two tens of millions of dollars. Both sportswear and footwear differ by the best quality – no wonder that more than 95% of US basketball players (according to official data) choose Nike.

    Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit Training Shoes

    Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit Training Shoes
    Nike’s Metcon DSX Flyknit sports shoes are recommended for CrossFit. This model presents an upgraded version of the popular Metcon 3 silhouette. The main difference is the lightweight and breathable Flyknit material, of which almost the entire top of the shoes consists. These shoes are designed for speed first of all and they are recognized as one of the best CrossFit shoes for men. They provide excellent air permeability and leave no chance for the appearance of an unpleasant odor after a heavy workout. The model is universal because it was originally intended for any type of intensive training. A flat platform and a stiff heel guarantee stabilization when lifting weights. The only disadvantage is a relatively high price, but it fully justifies itself.

    Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

    Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star
    If you want to buy a pair that would not let you down in training and not be wasted on expensive flagships, then these shoes fit just perfectly. Famous Sean Collins (C.S.C.S.), for example, constantly puts on high Converse shoes when he trains his students at the Crow Hill CrossFit in Brooklyn. Presented in the first half of the last century and intended for basketball, the Chuck Taylor All-Star model has a very tenacious basketball protector, which is perfect for practicing in the gym. The Converse shoes are known as one of the best CrossFit shoes for women. They are very comfortable shoes for athletes doing complex exercises. Many powerlifters also prefer them. Overstated silhouette perfectly fixes the foot, closes the ankle and does not allow the foot to turn up in case of clumsy movement. A huge variety of colors of the All-Star model will not leave anyone indifferent.

    ADIDAS Produces the Best Climatic Clothes and Shoes (Germany)

    This is a distributor of Reebok, the subsidiary brand along with two other trademarks. Adidas is a well-known world brand that produces sports outfits for all sorts of training – fitness, basketball, tennis, outdoor activities, etc. In terms of turnover and popularity, it ranks second in the world after Nike (according to the number of Internet requests). Adidas largely uses innovative technologies and “smart” fabrics for professional footwear lines. Micro-ventilation, moisture, and heat insulation make these sports shoes comfortable all year round both in the gym and on the street.

    Adidas Powerlift 3 Sports Shoes

    It is worthwhile to say in advance that these training shoes were designed for weightlifting. This model is more narrowly focused on CrossFit and shows a very high performance in the strength type of workouts. Powerlift 3 is equipped with a special cast sole with a hidden wedge designed specifically for lifting large weights. The sole with the tenacious protector will not allow the foot to move accidentally, and the additional Velcro will ensure a strong fit of the foot. The model is made of artificial leather and mesh fabric for better ventilation. In general, this is a good and inexpensive option, but, alas, not for everyone.

    REEBOK, One of the Best CrossFit Brands (Germany)

    This company is known officially since 2005 when the brand was bought by Adidas Corporation. It is a respected brand with the slogan ‘Be Human’ and a leading partner of Cirque du Soleil. Reebok has developed its own fitness program called ‘Jukari Fit to Fly’. Actually, the main trends of both clothes and shoes of this brand are fitness, CrossFit, and running. Qualitative Reebok shoes with catchy design are highly appreciated by CrossFit fans.

    Reebok Nano 7.0 CrossFit Shoes

    The company Reebok became the biggest supporter of CrossFit and the Nano series is one of the best and, no doubt is worth its money. These shoes are more comfortable compared to 5.0 and are devoid of all the disadvantages of 3.0. They have excellent shock absorption when running. The model 7.0 is literally stuffed with all kinds of technology. Aramid fiber Kevlar makes them extraordinarily light, which will be appreciated by the ardent followers of the race. The top of the shoes is entirely made of the revolutionary NanoWeave material, which, in addition to providing comfort and ventilation, has increased wear resistance. Solemate Shield is a protection against water and dirt. The polyurethane heel and the sole of the Reebok CrossFit Nano 7.0 crystal rubber shoe create maximum foot comfort during heavy loads. Note that these shoes have a really good flexibility, which affects the speed during exercises. An acceptable price of $ 120 makes this pair one of the best pairs for CrossFit training in the middle price category.

    PUMA, the Largest Manufacturer of Sports Shoes and Cloths with Original Colors (Germany)

    The stylish clothes and shoes with a logo depicting a clever cougar stand out by their original style and harmonious selection of fabric/color solutions. A narrow specialization of sports equipment for athletics, football, golf, running, riding, etc. brought deserved popularity and recognition to the brand. A distribution network with the size of over 100 branded exists in more than 120 countries. Puma regularly updates trendy designer collections and middle-class brands, which causes a wave of crazy consumer demand each time.

    Puma Tazon 5 CrossFit Shoes

    At the first glance at this men’s model, one gets an impression that it got from the time of the 90s. But this is only an outward resemblance. These shoes are trimmed with artificial leather, providing greater strength than the mesh. The special insole Eco Orto Lite ensures a good air flow. Among other benefits, the shoes provide an outstanding shock resistance. In such shoes, it will be comfy to run and practice CrossFit.

    NEW BALANCE, the Largest Manufacturer of Sports Shoes (USA)

    NB shoes have a special design with the presence of a three-point support for a lower foot load. This is an old American brand of sports clothes and footwear which has grown by several generations. Since 1976, New Balance is the world leader in the development of innovative technologies in the field of sports shoes. Most of the shoes the company still produces in England and the United States, and not Asia, giving preference to quality at the expense of quantity. Taking into account the expenses for production, you can see that the prices for NB goods are very democratic.

    New Balance Minimus 20v5 Training Shoes

    New Balance Minimus 20v5 Training Shoes
    These are very light training shoes of minimalistic design, the unusual structure of the tongue called ‘Burito’, and Vibram sole. They can demonstrate their advantages during intensive workouts. You can really forget about any discomfort that might arise during the strength exercises. Their cost and all the available benefits will pleasantly surprise you. New Balance Minimus 20v5 can be interesting not only for beginners but for real CrossFit professionals. Note that this model is the official footwear of the American National Rowing Team.

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