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    Benjamin Richardson Reflects On New Breed Of Cannabis Entrepreneurship

    The Power of Leadership

    Benjamin Richardson defines American hustle on every level. From the age of fourteen until now, his life reflects an unparalleled blueprint of betting on yourself. Benjamin Richardson’s journey with marijuana began inside a Burger King freezer at the age of fourteen. Inhaling cannabis created a distinct euphoria and emotional high for Richardson. Moreover, the next decade, Benjamin Richardson blazed a unique trail in the world of cannabis.

    The seeds of leadership and vision are planted during a person’s early years. Certain events occur, which push them towards or away from their true talent. Furthermore, these moments paint a vivid picture of their mentality and diverse ambition. Future corporate empires are created in these timeless circumstances. Masterminds are born and not developed.

    The Power of Purpose

    Understanding the power of your purpose in life is divine. Searching for truth, clarity, and creative freedom requires endless unconventional thinking. Managing fear, failure, and progress is a unique skill-set to master. Besides being fearless during life’s darkest moments, a person seeking destiny must have a high threshold of pain. Traveling the path of least resistance is not created for average humans.

    Without a doubt natural-born leaders walk the earth with an invisible pressure to succeed. Seeing things others can’t, feeling emotions others can’t imagine, and also having the ability to walk alone defines a visionary. Believing in your dreams is expensive, and most people never fulfill them.

    Understanding the distance between dreams and reality is beyond comprehension. Seeking the unthinkable blinds most people’s inner vision before beginning their quest. Inspiration originates from faith and converts into manifestation with an ultra-unique combination of hustle.

    Understanding your moment of destiny

    Understanding the impact and power of marijuana, Benjamin Richardson began hustling weed for a profit. Working at nightclubs and selling weed provided constant cash flow. However, the long-term risks didn’t outweigh the financial rewards. Living a life as a marijuana dealer was a short-term plan.

    Later, his moment of opportunity and truth arrived at CSL Plasma in Oregon. Performing the duties as a phlebotomist afforded him access to very informed people in business.

    Benjamin Richardson’s drive, fearless ambition, and relentless pursuit of excellence landed him a valuable apprenticeship role. Finally, his vision, knowledge, and desire to build a cannabis company were expanded because of this experience.

    Especially the purchase of Lifted Northwest with an initial capital contribution of 100,000 enabled Benjamin Richardson to establish his future legacy in cannabis.

    Lifted Northwest was a sacred gift waiting for Benjamin Richardson. Every step along his journey brought him to the righteous table of Lifted Northwest. Moreover, Lifted Northwest’s brand and footprint in Portland are massive.

    Also Lifted Northwest’s brand, footprint, and community relations continue to make massive strides of progress in Portland. Under Benjamin’s guidance, Lifted Northwest has indeed developed a niche market and unwavering customer base. Being a legalized cannabis dealer from the kid smoking weed in a Burger King freezer is unbelievable.

    Kudos to Benjamin Richardson and his contributions to the community.

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