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    Bella Thorne and Young M.A Seen Chatting in the Comment Section?

    Some things in life just shouldn’t be paired together, like cotton candy and hot sauce. Other examples are Young M.A and Bella Thorne.

    In an unlikely occurrence, Bella Thorne shot her shot in the comment section under Young M.A’s picture…or so it appears, according to HNHH. We haven’t heard much from the New York native since her freestyle on LA Leakers. 

    Less than 24 hours ago, Young M.A posted a picture on her Instagram account, showing herself about to indulge in some green recreational fun. The rapper is posted, sitting on the edge of a tub, hitting a joint. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Things don’t get weird until you look to see who commented.


    And there she popped up! Bella Thorne was caught creeping through. Thorne is an American actress, most known for her roles as a child actress.

    It’s not clear if Thorne and M.A are already acquainted, but inquiring minds would love to know. Who knows, it might not even be anything romantic…it could just be two smokers trying to get lifted together.

    Nothing much happened after Thorne posted, “Where u at.” All Young M.A responded with was with a pair googly-eyes. But we are sure this will pop up in the news sometime after the weekend!


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