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    Beetlejuice Producer Speaks Out After Musical Closes On Broadway

    After an eventful period on Broadway, every good thing must eventually reach its conclusion, and that applies to the beloved production of Beetlejuice. The successful musical had its final performance earlier this month. However, there are definite plans to embark on a national tour with Beetlejuice and bring the show to theaters in Brazil and Japan.

    Record Sales

    Beetlejuice achieved an impressive feat by breaking records at the Marquis Theatre. It was one of the top three highest-grossing productions, along with “The Music Man” and “The Phantom of the Opera.”

    During its last week, Beetlejuice generated over $2 million in revenue. However, the overall Broadway box office experienced a slight decline after the holiday season, and some shows may reduce their performances in the upcoming week.

    “Opened Doors”

    Beetlejuice faced its own share of drama, with lead actor Alex Brightman sustaining a concussion during the Christmas Eve performance. However, he made a triumphant return for the final three shows.

    Producer Mark Kaufman acknowledges that Beetlejuice had a profound impact on theatergoers, describing it as an extraordinary journey. He expressed pride in the show’s ability to defy expectations and attract a new audience to Broadway.

    Ensuring the longevity of Beetlejuice and preserving its legacy is a priority for everyone involved. The production has expanded beyond the film adaptation, even venturing into the digital casino realm with the popular Beetlejuice-themed Megaways slots.

    While Beetlejuice took an unconventional path on Broadway, it has bolstered the belief that musicals, especially those based on films, have a promising future. Kaufman believes that people will continue to come to the theater for familiar titles that instill confidence.

    In essence, Beetlejuice has left an indelible mark and paved the way for the continued success of film-inspired musicals.

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