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    Batman: Imposter, New Comic Series Alert

    Batman: Imposter, New Comic Series Alert

    Batman: Imposter
    DC’s Black Label three issue comic series, Batman Imposter, will release in October.
    Credit: DC Comics

    According to DC, there will be a three-issue miniseries on DC’s Black Label, entitled Batman: The Imposter. DC’s Black label designated for mature audience and Prestige-format releases will give this story freedom to explore the character in new ways and take the story as dark as it needs to for the story. Therefore, this miniseries will definitely be a dark, gritty, and brutal take of the Batman character and will push the limits of what wouldn’t be acceptable in the mainsteam comics.

    Writers and Artist

    The Batman series will include writers Mattson Tomlin, also known for his work on the The Batman film. Also,  Matt Reeves and Peter Craig, who worked on films such as Project Power and Little Fish. As for the artist, Andrea Sorrentino is joining the project after her work on Green Arrow, Joker: Killer Smile, and Batman: The Smile Killer.

    Batman: Imposter, Plot

    Batman: Imposter, Plot
    Batman Imposter, miniseries in which Batman is set up. How can he prove his innocence without revealing his identity?
    DC Comics, Black Label

    In this series, there’s a second Batman haunting Gotham’s rooftops and alleys. This secondary batman has no qualms about murdering criminals, live and on tape. Setting up the one true Batman to take the fall, his enemies hope once and for all to rid Gotham of the caped crusader vigilante. But, to clear his name, Batman must find and reveal this imposter. Although, this plan is difficult because Batman must prove his innocence without revealing his identity. But, how can you prove innocence hinding behind a mask? And will it matter to Gotham PD who is determined to take him down?

    Black Label Release

    Batman: The Imposter debuts in print and on participating digital platforms (English-language version) on Tuesday, October 12th. Upon the conclusion of the miniseries, it will be given a hardcover release for the entire collection. Thus, the hardcover format will be available February 22, 2021.


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