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    Atlanta’s Sahbabii Capitalizes On Bad Situation With “The Leakout”

    I hope that the Atlanta rap scene has better days than it had in 2022. With Young Thug going through his legal troubles, it’s hard to ignore his absence from the rap game. In a way, he was someone who propelled the culture by continuously pushing the boundaries. It pains me to say, but we might have to start looking in the long-term at who’s his next replacement. My money is on underground Atlanta star, Sahbabii.

    Closest Thing To Young Thug

    In my eyes, he is the closest thing we have to Young Thug. In terms of uniqueness, talent, and versatility, he is now Thug’s next successor, now that Lil Keed passed away. Sahbabii provides a certain level of originality in a genre that is becoming really saturated.

    Like many other rappers, some of his music was included in the massive leak last month. Lucky for fans, he confirmed that most of those tracks were old and throwaways. More importantly, he confirmed he’d be releasing some of those leaks for his new project, “The Leakout”. It’s a smart move by him to capitalize on an already bad situation.

    Not The Best Quality

    Staying true to character, you can expect lots of horny lyrics on this project. This time around, he’s reached peak horniness, a level he’s never reached before. No exaggeration when I say that his lyrics are hornier than Kevin Gates. The one thing I disliked most about this project is that I wish the majority of the tracks were mixed better. I get that most of the tracks are throwaways, but I still expect high-quality mixing on DSP-released projects.

    But overall, I enjoyed this project for what it was. Sahbabii was able to successfully make a project that has a high level of replay value. The fact that these are just leaks makes me very excited about his next album that is set to release in 2023. Be sure to stream “The Leakout” on Spotify below.

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