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    Atlanta Singer, Songwriter Makya Keeps It Real On New Single ‘Honest’

    The state of R&B currently is peculiar. It’s not that the music isn’t good, but I feel like most of the top dogs aren’t pushing themselves. I’m not referring to the quantity but more so the quality, because anyone can drop a long-ass project. But not everyone can give you an amazing song that can separately stand on its own.

    Perfect Timing

    An emerging singer out of Atlanta named Makya might be the artist that is needed to light a fire to get everyone back on track. In February, she dropped her debut song, “Wassup Bae”. The song came out at the perfect time, released a week after Valentine’s Day. With everyone already in the spirit of love combined with her stellar performance, this track put people on notice.

    Finally, Makya has returned with her follow-up single, “Honest”. It’s well known that competition brings the best out of people. I’m sure once the other R&B heavy hitters get a hold of this song, they’ll have no choice but to step it up. 

    Dynamic Duo

    Behind every great artist is an even better team. Superstar producer Tre Trax is the man responsible for working behind the scenes with Makya and producing both of her songs. I’ve been keeping up with Tre Trax and his entire journey. This man got it out of the mud and is the mastermind behind a lot of Saucy Santana’s hit songs like ‘Walk It Like a Dog”. I hope Makya and Tre Trax have a full-length collaboration project in the works. They have phenomenal chemistry and put it on full display on her new single.

    The new track gives Makya the chance to pour her heart into her lover. The heartfelt lyrics feel like they were extracted from her diary. I can go on and on about how great this song is, but I want my biggest takeaway to be that Makya seriously has the potential to be the next face of R&B.

    Be sure to catch up on the latest from the singer Makya and follow her on Instagram.

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