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    Antonio Brown Could Be a Niner

    Philadelphia, PA — The drama between Antonio Brown still continues, and consisted throughout the entire season for the Pittsburgh Steelers and their dramatic filled season.

    The Bad-blood Of The Steelers

    The Steelers began the year on the wrong foot when they couldn’t reach a contract extension with the Steelers star running back Leveon Bell. who held out of playing last season in an attempt to receive the extension he desired. Brown faced plenty of trouble in Pittsburg, including driving like he stole something. The event ended with him getting stopped by the police.

    The Pittsburgh Steelers missed the playoffs this season for the first time since 2013. Leveon Bell controversy lit the flame to the Steelers demise. Therefore, the Steelers began the season struggling. The team ended their season opener in a tug-of-war game against the Cleveland Browns. Both teams ended the game with out a win in a tie. The Steelers ended their season with a 16-13 win over the Bengals. They would missed the playoffs because the Baltimore Ravens secured the division with a 26-24 win over the Browns.

    This was just the culmination of the Steelers season problems. Overall, it mostly involved stories circulating that Antonio Brown was unhappy. Him, and team quarterback Ben Rothlisberger’s style of play didn’t mesh well. The athlete also has gone on record that he wants a trade.

    Overall, mostly involved stories circulating that Antonio Brown was not only unhappy with Ben Rothlisberger’s play, but he was also unhappy with the Steelers, and has gone on record that he wants a trade.

    Where does Antonio want to go? Niners?

    All reports point to Brown wanting to play with the San Francisco 49ers. Former 49er great Jerry Rice stated that Brown contacted him. “Antonio wants to play for the 49ers “Real bad””, Rice stated in an Espn interview.

    ” He’s talking about running hills with me, working out with me and picking my brain. It’s all up to Kyle Shannahan and the 49ers, although I’d love to see him here.”

    According to the New York Post, Steelers owner Art Rooney stated it would be quote ” hard to envision” a Brown return next season.”Antonio Brown Could Be a Niner-1
    Brown has certainly voiced his displeasure on social media. The veteran wide receiver skipped the teams final practices before a playoff game. His behavior all pointed towards signs emulating a departure is in the works.

    Above all, the 49ers have had their struggles. Many were in disbelief even with the addition of veteran corner. Richard Sherman. The Niners ended their season at 4-12 last season, and a winning percentage of .250.

    Brown last season had 1,297 yards, 15 touchdowns, 30-year old brown is a 7-time pro bowler, and has been the anchor of the Steelers offense the last 7 years with 11,207 career yards. He’d be a great addition to a struggling 49ers ball club, which is in desperate need of a receiver the caliber of Brown.

    The NFL continues to build storylines that is sure to keep our interest. This includes Kyler Murry Dilemma between MLB and the NFL.

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