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    AI-Generated Song Mimicking Drake & The Weeknd Submitted for Grammys

    AI-Generated Song Turns Heads at Grammy Awards

    AI generated song, trying to sound like famous artists like Drake and The Weekend, has been put forward for a Grammy Award. That move by someone who has dubbed himself Ghostwriter has people talking. They’re debating whether songs made by computers should be considered for the biggest music awards.

    Ghostwriter’s Surprising Journey

    Ghostwriter, the person behind the song “Heart on My Sleeve” has done something like this before. That song from a computer went viral, earning more than 600,000 plays on Spotify and 275,000 views on YouTube. But it was taken down because it caused a big fuss. Now Ghostwriter is back, defying what computers can do in music again today.

    Grammy Rules and Big Questions

    Harvey Mason, Jr., the head of the Grammy Awards, said that this computer-made song can be in the running for a Grammy. He’s clear that even though a computer helped, a person was still in charge. That’s raising questions about how to protect artists’ works online from being copied without permission.

    Universal Music Group’s Take

    Universal Music Group (UMG), a big player in the music business, didn’t hold back in saying what they thought about Ghostwriter’s computer-made song. Their choice of words shines a light on a bigger discussion over how computers fit into making music and musicians getting paid. It’s like a fight between old and new in the musical world.

    Whiplash”: More Computer-Made Music

    Ghostwriter didn’t stop with “Heart on My Sleeve.” They made another computer-made song called “Whiplash,” trying to sound like Travis Scott and 21 Savage. Billboard Magazine quickly asked Travis Scott and 21 Savage what they thought about this new twist in music.

    The Grammy Challenge

    The people who decide the Grammy Awards have tough choices to make now. They’re known for laying down strict rules regarding what songs can qualify for nomination. But with computers making music, they need to come up with some rules. They’ve even set some “protocols” to make sure Grammy-worthy songs have some real human input.

    The Future of Music in the Digital Age

    The music industry is still trying to figure out where exactly AI-generated songs fit in making music. It’s not just about awards; it’s about what creativity means, who owns music, and what happens to big music awards like the Grammys. And now, with this big conversation started by Ghostwriter, everything will be different as far as how digital music is made goes.

    Get ready to dive deeper into this exciting story because we’re here to keep you hooked on We’ll share the newest info about how technology and art mix for those of us wearing earphones and jamming to music. The Grammys might have a whole new vibe!

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