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    Agent Orange The Face Of Stupidity!!

    Agent Orange strikes again. Number 45 has been quite the Leader Of The Freeworld so far during his time in office.

    The Trump administration has been nothing short of a circus since the start of his term. Donald continues to make enemies on American soil with every word that comes out his mouth. Several open investigations and claims leave many people wondering how Agent Orange is still in power.

    The turnover rate in the White House has been at an all-time high, with Attorney General Jeff Sessions stepping down last week from his position directly after midterm elections. It is believed that his Chief Of Staff, John Kelly, will be replaced sooner than later.

    Yes, he’s pissed — at damn near everyone,” a White House official said, acknowledging that the White House is divided at the moment. With clearly no one job safe many people are unsure of what is next in Trump’s plan as the leader in the White House.

    Last week a CNN reporter got into a verbal altercation with Trump, which led to him being banned from entry going forward. CNN wasted little to no time filing suit again Agent Orange as banning can be argued to interfere with Constitutional rights.


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