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    Abortion In America: The Overturn Is A Double Blow For Black Women

    Many are mourning women’s rights in America and where women now stand with the United States government. The Supreme Court would overturn 50 years to rights of having an abortion according to NPR. Roe vs. Wade would permit women a constitutional right, making safe abortions legal in America. However, new America is planning otherwise.

    During the height of an inflation and baby formula shortage, the government decides to cast a rule over the female anatomy. What is it with America and its war on women? If there is no war on women, why are women rebelling? After last week’s decision, women would show up all over the country in droves to protest. Standing with posters, signs, women and men of all races rant and rave in the name of justice.

    In states like Louisiana, healthcare workers face a maximum of $100,000 in fines and 10 years jail time for performing abortions. What kind of country is this?

    PRB suggests that banning abortions will raise pregnancy related death rates significantly. This number will raise for all women; however, for Black women, it would be by 33%.

    Abortion, Black Women and Roe vs. Wade

    The current little situation at hand is sticky; however, it is inordinately inconvenient for Black women. According to Reuters, Black women are four times more likely to seek abortion than their white counterparts. The overturn will allow states to determine if abortion is legal or not. More Black women live in states that enforce more restrictive laws, Mississippi and Alabama, for example.

    Reproductive care for Black women in America is persistent with faulting and failing women of color. Healthcare often excludes a number of Black women from being open to exceptional healthcare due to insurance sustainability. Let’s discuss morality rate in Black women during childbirth. Black maternal morality is a subject to offer more examination as we undergo recent shifts of the government. Black women are three times more likely to die during childbirth than white women.

    Aside from that, self-induced abortion add to those numbers. A number of women will possibly die from trying to self-abort.

    This is genocide to the female sector of the Black community. Many young Black women who cannot afford top tier healthcare will suffer. To already exist in a society who hates them, is it such a crime to not want to further the tragedy? If legislators don’t act now, women are subject to more harm in numbers as a result to a biased ruling.

    This is ‘Merica. Stay safe, ladies.

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