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    Lil Aaron Hoped To Become Big In The Music Industry With No Label

    Lil Aaron’s opening for Blackbear on the “Digital Druglord Tour”, coming to Philadelphia June 30th. But, it wasn’t an easy path for rap/rock genre artist to where he is now, establishing a fan base on the road every night. In fact, Aaron was late to the Twitter party, joining in August of 2014, but he’s obtained just under 23 thousand followers since then.

    Aaron’s accomplished the feat with one project, EP GLOWING PAIN$, released in 2016. The Indiana, Indianapolis native started his musical debut wasting no time introducing his story to listeners on the first track of the same name of the EP “GLOWING PAIN$”

    “You, you don’t know me,” Aaron said. “You never knew me anyway. Let me tell you how I managed to get out. Went from sleeping on my manager’s couch; running out of battery power; trapping off a laptop; just so I could go and put my hand to my mouth uh.”
    Lil Aaron Has His Eyes On Becoming Big 1
    Aaron’s debut album explores his unique sound of mixing pop-punk attitude with the new genre of autotuned rap, according to Genius. Not bad for a guy who began his career as a songwriter. After writing a track titled “Damn”, Aaron transitioned from behind the scenes to the full-fledged artist.

    “I had always planned on being an artist, but I always wanted it to be at the right time,” Aaron said to Pigeons and Planes.”But when we put that song together, it made sense.”

    Aaron doesn’t possess the traditional mainstream look, sporting green hair (Shout out to Dennis Rodman). But, Aaron said to Pigeons and Planes with the internet the people in power don’t have to select you to be successful in the music industry.
    Lil Aaron Has His Eyes On Becoming Big 2
    Since the release of GLOWING PAIN$, Aaron has released one single. “Escalade” featuring Blackbear in the promotion of their tour together. Interestingly enough, has obtained just under 140 thousand monthly Spotify listeners, and is unsigned, as he states in the sixth track “GO 2 HELL” off of his EP.

    “Everyone tryna say it’s the cosigns, but I did this s*** without a label,” Aaron said.

    But, my favorite track off of the EP is the fifth track “4 MORE DRINKS/PINK FENTY SLIDES”.

    “I’m four more drinks to faded,” Aaron said. “Know you f*** with me girl you ain’t gotta say it. We rolling blunts on blunts let’s smoke til we sedated. Yeah, I think I’m four more drinks to faded yeah.”

    Essentially two tracks in one, approximately halfway through the track the beat switches up.

    “Pink Fenty slides pull them panties to the side,” Aaron said. “I’ma hit it one time, bet I never hit it twice. Rocking pink Fenty slides shawty it’s gon’ be a long night.”

    As the majority of independent artists do, Aaron has his own merchandise as well. You can purchase merchandise here. I’ve been eyeing the Patch Hoodie for some time now and may make a move on it. However, the goggles, a fan favorite, is perpetually out of stock and garned interest from fellow rapper Skizzy Mars who proposed an Alone Together Vans for GOING PAIN$ goggles in a now-deleted tweet (Did you do it, Aaron?)

    To date, each of the seven tracks on his EP has obtained at least 114 thousand plays on SoundCloud. “Drugs” tops the other six tracks with approximately 560 thousand plays. In fact, Aaron, now residing in Los Angeles, California, has obtained just under 15 thousand followers on the audio platform website with just 10 uploaded tracks.

    Aaron, 23, has obtained a celebrity fan in the form of Kylie Jenner, who played Aaron’s songs on her Snapchat. Also, he’s good friends with fellow artist Kiiara. More on that, Aaron’s also good friends with a slew of artists and can be seen interacting or appearing with them on social media platforms Twitter and Instagram.

    After careful consideration, I’ve dubbed the group the ‘millennial generation’. Additionally, a millennial is anyone born from 1982-2004, according to The Atlantic.

    The group consists of the following: Lil Aaron, Blackbear, Olivia O’Brien, Super Duper Kyle, Garrett, Treez Lowkey, Mars, Pell, Travis Mills, and Brandon Wardell. Additionally, the list mainly pertains to music artists, but Garrett does a lot of Mars’ artwork, And, Brandon Wardell is a comedian, and the king of Twitter but was featured on an Aaron song alongside Mars.

    We look forward to seeing Lil Aaron when he comes to town on June 30th.

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