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    A Woman Confessed To STABBING Her MOTHER At Olive Garden

    One Utah woman was boiling with a hot confession of stabbing her mother in Olive Garden.

    According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Jaye Lauren Altemeier is the suspected woman of stabbing her mother repeatedly. And on top of all of that, she confessed at an Italian chain restaurant, Olive Garden! Now, she is under investigation for aggravated assault and attempted murder.

    Police responded to the stabbing report and discovered Carla Orsini, 55, stabbed twice in the chest, neck, and finger. They also noted that she contained lacerations on her lip and left arm.

    Based on a statement, they stated:

    “Three of these injuries are in locations that are likelycause death,”

    Orsini was then rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, her daughter, Aletemeier had blood on her clothes and reportedly went to Olive Garden to make her confession.

    She is now in jail and being held on a $500,000 bond.

    What do you all believe? Is any of this story actually too bizarre to be true? Please drop a comment below and for more breaking news and WTF moments,

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