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    A Playlist For That Feeling When Running Away Sounds Good

    For better or worse, sometimes running away is the right thing to do. Here is a playlist for those moments. These songs describe the reasoning behind one of the most difficult choices in life: staying or leaving.

    1. I Don’t Wanna Be Alone!

    Mike Schultz stated, “I love creating dark and edgy content that evokes emotions and sets a certain mood.”” Schultz produced the track about a metaphorical-or-not drifter whom Rihanna’s character has fallen for. The song fits the tone of the overall album perfectly.

    2. Can’t Keep Runnin’ Away!

     “I still will be a soldier!” Genius reports that this is the anthem for the victims and survivors of bullies. I guess that’s why it worked perfectly on the 8 Mile Soundtrack.

    3. “Runnin’ Away” Blood Orange. Can’t Keep Runnin’!

    Running away is a very cinematic idea. Perhaps that’s why so many of these songs have been featured on movie soundtracks. This track was featured on Queen & Slim.

    4. I’ve Been There

    The music video for this song features a young Keke Palmer. Even at her tender age, she is a heart-breakingly expressive actress. Ludacris’ bold humility is the cherry-on-top of an ending. “I can’t even imagine what you’re going through, ladies! Sometimes I feel like running away myself!”

    5. Come Gimme Play

    “What if we could sail away, out into the ocean, and live there with everything we need?” That’s the idea that sparked this catchy tune, as shared by Koffee herself. “I don’t want to stop. I’m sorry!”

    6. Baby, I Got A Plan!

    Ye is such a controversial figure, he just might have wanted to run away once or twice. This song was released during a stint of attention-seeking stunts by the star. Perhaps the relatability of the song’s theme is what made it such a success.

    7. “Running Away” Bob Marley. Running Away!

    “You can’t run away from yourself!” This song was written while Bob Marley was in “self-imposed exile” in England. It’s all about recognizing how you feel and allowing others to do the same.

    Have you ever full-blown run away from your problems? How did that work out for you? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!


    1. A person cannot ever truly “run away from his/her problems.” These same problems are the very materials that the Divine uses to not only build our individual and collective characters, but to also help evolve our souls via the free will choices that we all must make. All problems have solutions. Those solutions may not be obvious in those stressful problem saturated moments but on some level, our souls choose these problems to help grow that particular individual. It’s important not to side step these challenges as they will only grow in intensity when doing so. Best to tackle them head on, which of course is not so easy to pull off but with support it can be accomplished, even if that support is between you and the Divine. Prayer can move mountains! Sometimes we need to get out of our own way too and focus on our mental chatter and correct it so that it is not self-deluding. Try not to judge yourself with where you find yourself in any given moment and always intend to do better, be better and be better for others (and your own self). The latter is the key: service to others versus service to the self.

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