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    A Black Activist Group Calls Out Capitol Records For Signing FN Meka

    Some people believe the world will end in fire and ice. Others, however, are convinced robots will take over the world. The beginning of the end has seemingly happened with the rise of artificial intelligence in the entertainment world. Specifically, the music industry has already crafted holograms of Micheal Jackson and even created A.I music superstars. Now a computer-generated rapper by the name of FN Meka has signed a “deal” with music giant Capitol Records.

    While some fans were excited over the partnership, others were not. In particular, a black activist group called out Capitol Records for signing FN Meka. According to the organization, the rapper exploited the black community.

    Black Activist Group Industry Blackout Demands An Apology


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    Being the first to create any piece of new technology is an accomplishment. However, when it deliberately disrespects the black community, there’s a serious problem. For days now, Capitol Records has received tons of backlash from critics for signing A.I rapper FN Meka. Moreover, videos of the rapper using the N-word in his songs have gone viral. Not to mention, there’s an image of the FN Meka being a victim of police brutality. It’s no wonder people are up in arms about the partnership, especially black activist group Industry Blackout.

    Furthermore, the activist group released a statement that demanded the label remove FN Meka from their roster. Industry Blackout went on to say that FN Meka appears as a direct insult to the black community and Black Culture. Additionally, the organization explained that the robot rapper and its creators at Factory New exploited incarcerated black rappers, such as Gunna who’s featured on FN Meka’s “Florida Water.”

    In concluding remarks, Industry Blackout made several demands. Though, one demand in particular stood out from the rest. While the organization wanted a public apology, they also requested that all the money spent on the partnership be donated to black youth charities and artists at Capitol Records. At this point, Factory New might just need to go out of business.

    Capitol Records Reaches A Decision

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    Eventually, Capitol Records caved under the backlash from Industry Blackout. It wasn’t long before the record label “cut ties” with the A.I rapper and Factory New altogether. In Capitol Record’s public apology, they admitted their wrongs in disrespecting Black Culture. However, the record label failed to mention whether or not they’ll meet all of the demands specified by Industry Blackout, especially donating money to black charities. Seems sketchy to us.

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