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    5 Key Takeaways From Kobe and Gigi Bryant Memorial

    The top moments from the Kobe and Gigi Bryant Memorial!!!

    Thousands gathered today at Staples Center in Los Angeles for the Kobe and Gigi Bryant Memorial. Nearly a month after a helicopter claimed their lives, as well as seven others, the family finally held a public ceremony.

    Kobe Bryant was a popular figure in sport and entertainment. His sudden passing sent shocks throughout the world as many struggled to grasp his death. Further insult to injury was the fact that Kobe’s daughter and seven others lost their lives that day as well.

    Today on 2/24, a combination of both Kobe and GiGi basketball numbers. A public ceremony was held in “the house that Kobe built” to celebrate the lives of all those who perished that day.

    Here are the top 5 moments from the memorial!

    Beyonce has the voice of an angel

    Starting the ceremony off was arguably the most prominent singer in the game right now. Beyonce, who was a friend of Kobe’s, opened the show singing what she said was one of Bryant’s favorite songs. She followed that up with her hit song “Halo” and did not disappoint at all.

    Vanessa Bryant is the epitome of strength

    In the most public display of power shown since the tragic events of January 26th. Vanessa Bryant took the stage to eulogize both the love of her life and her child. Mrs. Bryant had moments where she struggled to compose herself, but overall she did a fantastic job. Vanessa spoke first of her Teen daughter, who was on the path to basketball stardom. She then touched on the man whom she had shared her life with for nearly 20 years. In both instances, Vanessa gave insightful, flattering, and loving comments that genuinely embodied the people she loved. The fact that she even spoke is a testament to her strength and her use of the mamba mentally.

    Michael Jordan cared about Kobe Bryant.

    Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant will forever be associated with each other. Jordan the original, Bryant the carbon copy, both hold claim to at least the NBA’s most competitive title. One would think that the comparisons would drive a wedge between the two former players. However, that competitive edge and will to win led the two to form a bond, unlike many students/teachers have had. Jordan cried during his speech and even referred to the fact that such an act will result in another “crying Jordan” meme. What was clear is that MJ not only respected Kobe but loved and cared for him like family.

    Kobe off the court was different from Kobe on the court.

    Rob Pelinka probably offered the most introspective look at who Kobe Bryant was off the court during his speech. Pelinka shared with guests that during the morning of the crash and he Bryant was texting. The topic was getting a friend’s daughter an internship within the lakers organization. The friend happened to be John Altobelli, who, along with his wife and two other daughters, was on the helicopter as well. Pelinka’s story highlighted that Kobe, for all his standoffish personality, and killer instinct, was indeed a caring human being. Watching Kobe in retirement gave many people the ability to see another side of such a dynamic person. Kobe’s last moments were spent trying to help someone else is a testament to the man he was.

    There will never be a Kobe Bryant.

    From bringing Brandy to prom to skipping college to playing the game with a passion that had never been seen, Kobe Bryant blazed a path that none will be able to follow. The love he’s received since his passing is just another example that only Kobe can be Kobe. Earlier in the week, Celtics legend Bill Russell wore a Kobe Jersey to the Lakers/Celtics game. Anyone with any knowledge of sports rivalry knows just how blasphemous such an act is. It happened though, and only because that’s the respect and admiration, Kobe Bryant deserves.

    Whether you loved or hated Kobe, you had no choice to respect him. The saddest part is that he was beginning to show the world who he indeed was.

    What did you guys think of the Kobe and Gigi Bryant memorial service?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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