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    Kardashian’s Possibly Lose It All!!!

    Kim Kardashian has been in our news feed at least four to five times this week. Unfortunately, it’s more bad news in the media.

    Most recently there has been an aggressive wildfire spreading throughout the Los Angeles area. People are fleeing left and right as the wildfire has no sign of slowing down. Many people have predicted that sooner or later that an earthquake is bound to hit L.A. in devastation.

    Despite having nice area’s and beautiful scenery, not even the Kardashian’s wealth can withstand mother nature. Today Kourtney and Kim Kardashian were forced to evacuate with a one hour notice. Just imagine having to leave expensive cars and luxury because of what’s happening in the state.

    According to E!, (News) Kim thanked all the firefighters in a social post, saying, “They are evacuating everyone right now from all of their homes.”

    Kanye confirmed via Twitter that the family is safe!!

    Read more about Kim Kardashian here

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