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    3 Most Stylish Skate Sneaker Brands

    Skating Is Full Of Style

    Here’s a list of the 3 most stylish skate shoe brands. This review will not necessarily focus on these brand’s abilities to create the best shoe for skating, but instead will touch on the stylistic aspects of the shoes they create. There are a number of brands that make skate shoes out there.

    This includes more skater based companies such as Emerica. Along with this, there are quite successful skate shoe companies like Vans. And although everyone might not be a fan of it mega-companies such as Nike and Adidas are involved in the making of skate shoes.

    Some of these brands are better than the rest when it comes to making a cool looking skate shoe. In order to help sort through all the options, I have compiled a list of the 3 most stylish skate shoe brands

    3 Most Stylish Skate Shoe Brands

    3) Supra:

    Within recent years team OGs and legends such as Erik Ellington and Jim Greco have left the brand, but the company is still successful in producing quality shoes. A typical Supra shoe is low-cut, comfy, and stylish. Supra is able to do this without simply copying Vans’ classic designs as a number of companies have done.

    Team OG and legend Chad Muska is still on the team. And although he hasn’t been skating as much recently he still is able to create stylish and innovative designs. His Skytop design gained a large amount of fame. Celebrities such as Kanye West and Just Bieber have been seen wearing the shoe. Muska’s hightop shoes are still featured on Supra’s website and in select skate shops.

    2) Adidas:

    Adidas is not known as a skate brand but is still able to create some great looking kicks. The brand features a quality and diverse range of shoes as well as team riders such as 2018 Soty Tyshawn Jones, FA leader Jason Dill, and Mid-90s star Na-Kel Smith.

    3 Most Stylish Skate Sneaker Brands-1
    Na-kel Smith- Adidas team rider

    The classic three-stripe design can be found on a number of their shoes. Other shoes feature tweaks to the three-stripe design as well as innovative twists on classic designs such as their eggshell shoe top.

    An example of this can be seen by their new see-through shoe. Who knows how good of a call this was but at least it shows that they’re taking risks. Overall though Adidas is able to consistently deliver a mix of old classics with sleek new designs.

    1) Vans:

    Vans Skate Shoes was founded in 1966 and it doesn’t seem like the brand is going away anytime soon. This is a company that has always been skate focused but still been able to gain significant success. This success has allowed the brand to create numerous amounts of classic designs and features.

    Whether you skateboard or not everyone can appreciate the classic vans look. A low cut shoe with a white or gum sole and white stripe looks pretty good on basically anyone. Simple yet successful. This design has been able to be replicated, altered, and made to look even better throughout the years.

    Final Thoughts

    Skateboarding is interesting for a number of reasons. One of those such things happens to be all of the quality shoes made for the activity. Whether one is just trying to look good or pop off a kickflip there is no harm in throwing on a nice pair of Supras, Adidas, or Vans.

    What are your guys’ thoughts thought? Was this a complete list of the 3 most stylish skate shoe brands? Or are there other brands with better stylistic choices?

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