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    15 Year Old Girl Beats Down Her Sexual Assaulter With Karate!

    In India, a 15-year-old girl beat down a man who sexually assaulted her on a train.

    According to Newsweek, the incident took place on a train in Mumbai. The train sped throughout the city when the 24-year-old man assaulted the young girl. Her father was there with her and he was not happy about it. The girl, however, used her self defense training, to put the man into a perfect wrist lock. She held the man, who was much bigger than her, in that position until the next spot. Then, she took him to the police. She had this to say about the assault:

    “We are always easy targets for creeps like Singh. Our school teaches us self-defense and karate as part of our curriculum, so we can face the world despite our disability. I want the man to suffer, to ensure he does not repeat the act with any other ‘easy target.”

    Should America adopt this idea to protect our women? SHould self-defense be mandatory?

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