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    California Rapper, 03 Greedo Freed From 20-Year R.I.C.O. Sentence

    Christians always say that “God works in mysterious ways”. I can now confirm that statement is true after witnessing it with my own eyes. I have no choice but to believe it after seeing how God blessed 03 Greedo with another chance. If you haven’t heard, the California rapper is set to be released from federal prison.
    R.I.C.O. Case
    In 2018, they sentenced 03 Greedo to 20 years in prison. It stemmed from an arrest where 03 Greedo was illegally pulled over with a bunch of drugs. His charges were so severe that it became a R.I.C.O. case. It was such bad timing because his career was truly starting to take off around this time.

    Nonetheless, 03 Greedo never lost hope and made the most of his time before going in. I vividly remember him going on a tour and press run before being locked up. In fact, in an interview, he was confident that he wasn’t going to do the full sentence. Some called him crazy, but he made me believe too based on how sure he was.

    Beat The System

    Now, look at him. I too was under the impression that he was going to serve way more time before he was eligible for parole. But he defied the odds and took his charges like a man. The best part about his being released is that he recorded so much music in advance. So that means he doesn’t have the rush the process and can enjoy being home.

    Tap Into the Hype

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