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    300 Witnesses Might Be Called To The Stand In Upcoming YSL RICO Trial

    When it comes to the YSL RICO case, it gets more wild by the minute. Several rappers and industry giants have been incarcerated already. Not to mention, the charges keep racking up with each new piece of evidence. At this rate, Gunna and Young Thug may be in jail for a while. The news only gets worse for the rappers after Prosecutors have demanded to call 300 witnesses to the stand in an upcoming court trial. 

    Prosecutors Call 300 Witnesses To Testify

    The RICO case just keeps getting bigger with each passing minute. In the latest update on the case, prosecutors have called 300 witnesses to testify against Young Thug, Gunna and their associates for the January 9 court hearing.  

    Back in July, prosecutors filed a motion that claimed witnesses were being intimidated over their involvement in the case. Many have been left fearing for their lives and their families if they decide to testify.” Further details reveal that the motion was filed a day after prosecutors accused Young Thug and his YSL associates of threatening to kill the witnesses. 

    The Judge Won’t Let The Criminals Get Away

    Recently, a judge refused to let Young Thug, Gunna and their associates get away with murder. Furthermore, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis initially requested that their trial be delayed until March 2023. However, the judge didn’t want to waste any time prosecuting the criminals.

    The judge argued that postponing the trial date would “only protect the rights of 28 defendants associated with the 56-count indictment.” Moreover, the judge wants them all to be tried at the same time. Clearly, this judge isn’t a fan of Gunna or Young Thug.  

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