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    Zendaya Cuts Her Finger While Cooking

    Zendaya has been working the red carpet since her early days on Disney. It only makes sense for her to work full-time as a runway model, since she clearly has the chops to do so. Nearly every ensemble piece and jewelry accessory Zendaya wears, she makes it look good. While the Dune actress may be a master at all things entertainment-related, she’s not so great in the kitchen. In fact, Zendaya was recently rushed to the hospital after cutting her finger off while cooking.

    Zendaya Should Stay Away From The Kitchen

    via NY Daily News

    Zendaya fans know full well that the actress isn’t great at preparing home cooked meals. In the past, Zendaya herself has admitted to burning dishes to a crisp. Unfortunately, she can’t even make it  past the early preparation stages, especially when it comes to chopping up food. Last December, Zendaya’s co-star and now confirmed boyfriend, Tom Holland, admitted there’s been several occasions where she’s come close to slicing off her finger. Obviously, Zendaya doesn’t belong in the kitchen.

    She Cuts Off Her Finger

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    Holland foretold the future as the nightmare suddenly came true this month. Recently, the Europia actress attempted to prepare a home cooked meal but instead, ended up chopping off her forefingers. The cooking mishap led the star straight to the hospital where she received stitches. Furthermore, Zendaya took to Instagram and posted a photo of her bloody finger wrapped in gauze and bandages. “Now see . . . this is why I don’t cook,” she joked in the captions. Despite the cooking scare, the Dune actress remained positive about the whole experience. Though, she should probably just stick to winning Emmy awards from now on.

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