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    Zack Wheeler Reaches 1000 Career Strikeouts on 9-11

    Zack Wheeler Reaches 1000 Career Strikeouts

    1000 career strikeouts
    Zack wheeler reached 1,000 strikeouts against the Mets on their 9-11th game Saturday. Via Philadelphia Phillies Twitter

    Remembering World Trade Center Attack

    On September 11, New York had experienced one of the greatest tragedies bestowed upon the United States. New York’s World Trade Center was viciously attacked by plane by a Middle Eastern extremist. On this day, Americans remember a time where they were tested and came together in patriotism and with true humanity. Every year, America remembers the lives lost in the attack and more importantly how a country divided could come together against all odds to become stronger than ever.

    Zack wheeler
    Zack wheeler reached 1000 strikeouts against the Mets on their 9-11th game Saturday. September 11th, never forgotten. Via Philadelphia Phillies Twitter

    Zack Wheeler 1000 Career Strikeouts

    On a day that is already infamously known for a tragedy that has hit the United States, Wheeler has another reason to remember September 11th. During the 4th inning, of yesterday’s game, Zack Wheeler recorded his 1000 career strikeout. Despite being the third Phillies pitcher to accomplish 1000 career strikeouts (Aaron Nola & Kyle Gibson), it is still a great feat.

    Out of all the pitchers, the Phillies have used this season, Wheeler has been the most consistent. The latter more important in the long run of the baseball season. Wheeler’s strikeouts accumulated with his time on the Mets and the Phillies. It came against Colorado Rockies’ C.J. Cron wearing number 25 on his jersey. Additionally, Wheeler’s pitch came in at 97 mph. In total, Zack Wheeler pitched 6.2 innings, had four hits, one earned run, and two walks.

    Zack is Consistent!

    That same night, Wheeler marked another milestone, 195 1/3 innings. Overall, the game resulted in a sweep of the Rockies with a 6-1 win that the Phillies desperately needed. Wheeler provided eight strikeouts that game which proved all they needed to secure a win. But, it seems a lack of consistency has plagued the Phillies as one moment they are recording a winning streak and the next a losing streak. Currently, the Philadelphia Phillies are 3 1/2 games behind in the NL East (72-70 games with only 20 to go). Congratulations, Zack Wheeler on 1000 career strikeouts.

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