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    Yung Miami, Her Mom Twinning Ahead Of Mothers Day Weekend

    With Mother’s Day weekend right around the corner, celebrities have already started showering their mothers with gifts. Perhaps the best gift Yung Miami gave to her mom thus far has been spending time together. Recently, the rap star took time out of her busy schedule to take her mom to a basketball game. Of course, the mother daughter duo showed up twinning at the NBA 2022 playoffs.

    The Rapper and Her Mom Go To The Game Twinning

    Yung Miami and her mother, Keenya Young, made a grand appearance at Monday night’s Philadelphia 76ers vs. Miami Heat playoffs game. Furthermore, the female emcee took to Instagram posting a slew of photos of her and her mom looking their best. Not to mention, the mother and daughter duo arrived at the game twinning.

    Moreover, both of them wore white, sleek hairdos and pricey jewelry. Clearly, Yung Miami styles herself after her mother. Speaking of which, the “Rap Freaks” rapper and her mother could definitely pass for sisters. Ms. Keenya Young doesn’t look a day over 50 years old. Even the fans agreed and showered the two with compliments. It appears that Yung Miami and her mom had a good day ahead of Mother’s Day Weekend.

              Yung Miami Takes Selfies With DJ Khaled

    Yung Miami, DJ Khaled via Twitter

    Not only did Yung Miami spend the day at the playoffs with her mother. She also met up with hype man DJ Khaled. Furthermore, the City Girls star took selfies with DJ Khaled and posted them all over her Instagram account.

    Clearly, Yung Miami and her mom had a great time at the NBA  2022 playoffs.

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