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    YoungBoy Never Broke Again Bond In Question

    Will YoungBoy Never Broke Again Get Outta Jail?

    YoungBoy Never Broke Again may be released this week. The rapper’s recent arrest comes after a September 2020 incident.

    Famous Rapper Defense Attorney Responds

    Moreover, Mohammed Gangat, a New York-based attorney who often covers high profile rap cases comments on his client.

    “The bail for YoungBoy in California is $540,000,” the speaker states. “He paid half a million in cash and used two properties worth over $1.5 million as collateral. He must wear an ankle monitor but won’t be on house arrest as per the California judge’s bond conditions. He’s free to travel.”

    Gangat stated, “This is significant. The California judge found these circumstances sufficient for YoungBoy, so why would Louisiana decide differently? Both judges consider the same facts and charges under the same federal law. Though courts and laws may differ slightly, the variation shouldn’t be substantial.”

    “If this California judge said, ‘Hey, this much money and these restrictions are good,’ it would be very, very weird for a Louisiana judge to say, ‘Oh no, no amount of money and no restrictions.’ That would be very uncommon. I fully expect that the Louisiana judge on Tuesday will release YoungBoy.”

    YoungBoy’s Alleged Crimes

    In fact, YoungBoy was arrested in Baton Rouge for an alleged federal warrant. He was among 16 individuals stopped during a music video shoot where police discovered multiple guns and drugs. He went home that day. A judge ordered the police to immediately return a $300,000 check, jewelry and cash to the rapper.

    After being arrested, YoungBoy faces charges for illegal possession of firearms as a felon and possessing an unregistered weapon. Federal agents claim they discovered a .45 pistol and a 9mm handgun. YoungBoy acted in violation of his limitations as a felon.

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