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    Young Thug And Pusha T Beefing Over Drake

    Young Thug and Pusha T are going at it over an unreleased verse and Drake.

    Young Thug and Pusha T have been going at since last night, early this morning over a verse that had subtle Drake disses. THugga and Drake are homies, Pusha and Drake are not making the song Pusha and THug did together complicate.

    Pusha T began his social media day by coming right at Young Thugs’ neck over the recent pair dispute.

    Pusha did a verse for the Pop Smoke album that just came out, and the verse had a bar meant for Drake.

    Young Thug must not have been aware of the lyric at first, but when he got wind of it to step in to help his “Friend.”

    The two emcees are both on the Track Parnonia with Gunna on Shoot for the star’s aim for the moon. This morning Young Thug took to his Instagram story to let the fan know that he didn’t approve of Pusha’s verse.

    The Atlanta rapper had this to say “I don’t respect the Pusha t verse on the song with me and Gunna cause I don’t have nun to do with y’all beef nor does Gunna, and if I knew that was about him [Drake] I would’ve made changes on our behalf.. this rapper shit so gay,”

    Drake and Pusha fans alike have been chiming in on the situation, and of course, there are definite biases. Drake fans are calling foul on Pusha for what they call “clout chasing.” While Pusha fans are reminding Drake Fans that the 6 God hasn’t stopped his subliminal since the story of Addion dropped. However, the main thing that can be taken away is that Pop Smoke’s album is fire.

    What do you guys think of Young Thug and Pusha T Beefing?

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