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    Young Noble, Outlawz Founder Suffers Heart Attack

    Founder of Outlawz Suffers Massive Heart Attack

    A member of 2Pac’s group The Outlawz recently suffered a major heart attack. Young Noble shared on Instagram that he is now on the path to recovery following this intense medical emergency.

    In his post, the rapper expressed gratitude to all his loved ones who prayed for him during this challenging time. He described the heart attack as one of the worst days of his life but emphasized that God and the incredible doctors were able to bring him back and are currently helping him with his health.

    Young Noble stated that he intends to prioritize his recovery and focus on improving his overall well-being. He acknowledged that this experience will only make him stronger and urged everyone to take their health seriously, emphasizing the importance of avoiding unhealthy habits and managing stress effectively.

    Young Noble Battles Health Concerns

    Young Noble has been facing health issues in recent weeks. In an Instagram post shared on April 30, he updated his followers from a hospital bed and mentioned that his blood pressure was elevated.

    He assured everyone that he is actively monitoring his health through regular doctor visits and expressed his desire to achieve good health, strength, happiness, and longevity. Young Noble expressed gratitude to those who have reached out and checked on him, assuring them that he is doing well and feeling extremely blessed. He emphasized his intention to be present for a long time to come.

    In closing, he reminded everyone that he is an Outlaw Immortal and wished them a blessed day while encouraging them to take care of themselves.

    Outlawz’ EDI Mean Makes Healthy Change

    EDI Mean, a fellow member of Outlawz, has been focusing more on his health. In February, he proudly showcased his remarkable weight loss in an Instagram post dedicated to “Transformation Thursday.”

    EDI shared a series of photos documenting his health journey. In the caption, he expressed, “Today, I achieved a significant milestone that I want to share with all of you… About 10 years ago, I played what I thought would be my final game of basketball. I went up for a rebound and my back gave out. I was bedridden for two weeks and believed that chapter of my life was over.”

    “Fast forward to 2021,” EDI continued, “and I just played two games with players mostly 10 years younger than me… By the way, we went 1-1. I share this to prove that it is possible. P.S. The picture on the left is me at 300 pounds.”

    The hope is that King Noble continues on his positive trend on the road to recovery.

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