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    Young Miller Tha Don: Ain’t No Limit To What He Can Do

    It has always been difficult for teen sensations to shred their bubble gum image in music and remain the titans they once were, but it’s not impossible. Although it’s rare, we’ve seen it done time and time over again. Introducing Louisana recording artist, Young Miller Tha Don.

    In 2019, the former Rich Boyz member returned to Hip-Hop with a crafty new street single called “VIP.” The Raphael Rj2-featured single sparked popularity for the former No Limit soldier within the south. The song was then led by the artist’s breakout track, titled, “Clap Clap.” The song’s visual stars Young Miller Tha Don in a rockstar element he knows best; a quintessential summer day in Southern California. It’s popularity led to Young Miller hitting the road with Lil Boosie and the Baddest Chick herself, Trina.

    Young Miller Tha Don is the nephew of Master P and the cousin and former group member of Romeo Miller. As the Rich Boyz, the group had a hit song in “You Can’t Shine Like Me.” For the last decade, Young Miller Tha Don has been honing his skills, patiently waiting for his return and developed a solid foundation that will lead to greatness in no time.

    In 2017, Young Miller Tha Don was featured on The Art of Hustle Magazine. All of Young Miller’s new music is a lead-up to his forthcoming album which is slated for a 2021 release.

    After the view, check out Young Miller Tha Don’s complete catalog, available now on Spotify. “Clap Clap” is streaming on all platforms via World Fusion/DMG.

    For more on Young Miller Tha Don, follow him on Instagram.

    Young Miller Tha Don


    Indie artist Young Miller Tha Don is best known for his early days with cousin, Romeo “Lil Romeo” Miller, as the recording duo, Rich Boyz. Young Miller Tha Don is the nephew of the iconic music mogul Master P. Young Miller’s style is extravagant, rowdy, money-motivated and most of all, southern hospitality. To-date, Young Mill Tha Don has released buzzworthy songs “Clap Clap” and “VIP.”

    In 2019, “Clap Clap” reached #26 on the Top 50 of Independent Airplay Chart. Young Miller Tha Don has opened for Trina and fellow Lousiana native, Lil Boosie, on the Baddest of the South tour. Young Miller is currently working on a new solo project, slated for a 2021 release. And with a lot of promise, connections and opportunity, it’s easy to identify that Young Miller Tha Don will be a name that will be sitting comfortably atop of the Hip Hop charts in no time.

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