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    Young Dolph Plans To Retire From Music For Good

    For some celebrities the journey to their dreams seems worthwhile. Other entertainers however, seemingly loose interest after a couple of years in show business. Don’t get us wrong, the entertainment world isn’t for everyone. Though, we can’t help but wonder why a celebrity would ever want to retire from showbiz.

    Recently, the rapper Young Dolph announced his plans to retire from rap music. The emcee made the same statement a year earlier. Though, this time Dolph might actually retire from rap music for good this time.

                Young Dolph Might Retire For Good

    for good
    via XXL Mag

    Nowadays more and more musicians want to go into early retirement. Already this year everyone from Nicki Minaj to Selena Gomez has announced plans to retire from the music business. Even Chicago rapper Young Dolph has revealed his plans to retire twice now. Though, this time around seems legit.

    While promoting his new project Dum & Dummer 2 with Key Glock, Dolph hopped on Instagram to make the announcement once again. “i hope y’all enjoying the new mixtape, it’s my last project putting out. i wasn’t gonna tell y’all but i thought y’all should know im done with music. ENJOY,” the 27-year-old wrote. Looks like he might be quitting for good this time. Or will he?

                His Son Convinced Him To Release More Music

    for good
    via Billboard

    Of course, fans weren’t sure if the rapper meant his word this time or not. Many remember when Young Dolph first revealed his plans to retire back in March 2020. The star revealed that he yearned to spend more time with his family. Though, Dolph’s son made him reconsider his early retirement. “My son jus told me I can’t be his dad if I stop putting out music.” His son’s words seemingly persuaded Young Dolph to release his fifth album Rich Slave in August 2020. By the looks of it, Young Dolph might not step out of the limelight just yet. Then again, his Instagram message suggests that he might quit rapping for good this time.


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