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    Yoski Shakes The City With New Single ‘Aye Man Say Mane’

    I have always felt that there are two types of old people in this world. On one hand, you have the elder who don’t mind sharing their wisdom and want to see the next generation win. Vice versa, you have the ones that are bitter and full of regrets. The latter would most likely be less supportive and don’t want to see someone younger go farther than they did. 

    This same logic applies to the music industry too. Excellent mentors are scarce. Nothing beats receiving first-hand experience from someone who has been in your shoes before. Luckily for Atlanta rapper, Yoski, there are some OGs giving him the game like ATL legend Rocko. For those who aren’t from Atlanta or familiar with the name Rocko, he’s the artist responsible for the 2013 single, ‘U.O.E.N.O.

    Old-School and New-School

    While the song is certified gold, in all actuality, the song went platinum in the streets. Ultimately, understanding how to blow up a song, Rocko was kind enough to pass the sauce down to the next generation. This leads me to the present day, when recently Yoski and Rocko teamed up together for the remix of Aye Man Say Mane.

    Listening to this song reminded me of that throwback Atlanta sound we all know and love. It brought me genuine joy to hear Yoski vibe out and have fun with his verse. The OG Rocko also did his thing on his special guest appearance. He doesn’t make music often, so he goes deep in his bag for the rare times he does.

    Did It Right

    The music video is as lit as the song is. Both artists seem to be in a good mood, rapping about how everyone else got them fucked up. There’re tons of ways to do a music video, but I was glad they kept it playa, and didn’t try to flaunt.

    So if you need some authentic real music to listen to, check out what Yoski has been up to.

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