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    Yonah Shares His New Self-Produced Hit “changes”

    Introducing Yonah, a modern poet turned emerging recording artist.

    Yonah, a mysterious artist, has gained a dedicated grassroots following thanks to the success of his impressive track “pretty pieces.” This single has amassed thousands of streams on various digital platforms and social media. Now, Yonah takes his journey to new heights with his latest and best work, the single “changes.” It’s the perfect starting point for new fans to join the ride of this rising star.

    Yonah, the guitar-wielding alternative rap singer, showcases his emotional side in a persuasive love song filled with heartbreak-infused poetry. This track reveals a new dimension of his talent as he diversifies his abilities. With an infectious and catchy hook, “changes” is sure to make it to everyone’s summer playlist. Yonah produced the song himself, giving us a taste of his upcoming album’s fresh sound in the making. Fans, both new and old, will be captivated by this musical journey.

    “When I was 17 and had just started producing music for three months, everything I made was terrible. But then, I created the beat for ‘changes,’ and it changed everything,” he says about his debut production. “In one session, I wrote the entire song with a real purpose in my singing. To my surprise, my voice sounded pretty good. It’s the first project I’m genuinely proud of, and since then, things have been on the rise.”

    He adds, “I’ve been making music for almost 2 years now, and it has become my everything. The songs I created in the past year, I’m extremely excited to share with the world.”

    After “changes,” check out more of Yonah’s music, like “lost” and the breakout hit “pretty pieces.” More new music on the way — so stay tuned.

    Listen to Yonah’s latest single below and stay updated with the emerging artist on social media for daily updates and more.

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