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    Ye’s Former Lawyer Told Him To Shut His Trap Or Risk Losing Custody Of His Kids

    Some celebrities can weather the challenges of their careers. However, others like Ye seem to have spiraled out of control. The fashion giant has been making headlines for one reason or another like clockwork. Unfortunately, the rapper doesn’t have a filter.

    His former lawyer recently offered him some advice that might get the rapper to stop with the social media shenanigans finally. Recently, a former attorney warned Ye that he could lose custody over his kids if he doesn’t stop with the antisemitic comments.

    Ye Might Never See His Kids Again

    custody of kids
    via Sky News

    Unfortunately, things aren’t working out for the Chicago rapper at all. His insensitive comments toward the black community and Jewish people have hurt his career. Even worse, they’re affecting what little ties he has in life with his family, especially his children. Furthermore, the controversial rap mogul claimed that his former lawyer, Bob Cohen, warned him that he’d never see his children again if he continued making antisemitic remarks.

    The Donda rapper didn’t take very well to heed Cohen’s advice. On Parler, a conservative platform he purchased in October, Ye wrote that he disagreed entirely with his lawyer. “So, my custody lawyer told me if you complain about getting done wrong in business, you will lose [sic] custody of your children. This was the guy on my side.” Ye found his lawyer very contradicting. Cohen was considered a high-profile divorce lawyer in Hollywood but didn’t receive a four-star rating from the rap mogul.

    He Can’t Afford To Lose Another Lawyer

    Currently, Ye appointed new Beverly Hills attorney Nick Salick to represent him. He has already had 6 lawyers cut ties with him. Let’s hope Salick will last. Salick is trying to work out a custody and property settlement agreement with Kardashian’s lawyer, Laura Wasser. If all goes well, their trial scheduled for December will be dismissed. More importantly, he might not lose custody of his kids. At this point, Ye needs all the help he can get.

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