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    Ye Top 5 Worst Financial Losses

    It seems like Ye has angered the entire world! But which business ties will have the most significant impact on Ye’s billionaire net worth? Here are HypeFresh’s picks for the top 5 businesses that have cut ties with Ye.

    1. Balenciaga

    Ye had walked in a fashion show for Balenciaga only the day before his “White Lives Matter” T-shirt” stunt with Candace Owens. Talk about heartbreaking!

    During his long-term relationship with Kim Kardashian, Ye embodied what seemed like dreams of engaging with the fashion world. The Chicago rapper seems to have forsaken just about everything in favor of his new friends!

    2. Adidas

    The shoe company reluctantly cut ties with the rapper. The difficult decision will cost the apparel brand a hefty estimate by the year’s end!

    The result must be worth it, though. Any amount is acceptable to cut ties with Yeezy officially. Ouch!

    3. JP Morgan Chase

    Ye has got to find a new place to put his money! By the looks of things, he isn’t going to be anybody’s new financial V.I.P. Still; it is essential to point out that Ye’s feud with his bank began before all of this, which is a good reminder that Ye has acted childishly before.

    4. Ye’s Music

    Ye has been blacklisted from Def Jam, who will no longer distribute any G.O.O.D music songs. Radio stations won’t want to play his music, and there is serious discussion about removing him from streaming services like Spotify.

    All of this begs the question, is Ye going to be canceled?

    5. His Image

    Ye was supposed to have a documentary about him released soon. The idea has been completely abandoned, although production had already finished!

    Ye is a visionary who deserves to tell his own story, but he is the only one standing in his way.

    Will Ye finally stop self-sabotaging? What can he learn from this? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!


    1. Ye needs our prayers.
      I am sure with all of this stress, that he really misses his mother.
      They were very close.
      May she R.I.P.

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