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    Ye Just Got Served: His Lawyers Want Out

    Ye has been the talk around town. He recently got married in secret to Yeezy architect designer Bianca Censori and has made polarizing comments to the black and Jewish community. Every aspect of the guy’s life is up for grabs. The rapper has made the news yet again after his former attorney firm demanded they want out.

    Ye Lost All His Protection

    Unfortunately, rap mogul Ye has upset several people in the entertainment industry. That includes his lawyers as well. Reports have been circulating for weeks about the rapper engaging in heated battles with his lawyers and avoiding them. Some have even dropped Ye as a client.

    Recently, his former lawyers attempted to serve Ye with a withdrawal notice and have refused to represent him in court. According to his former attorney, the notice came after the Donda rapper’s involvement with controversy.

    Furthermore, Attorney firm Greenberg Trauig represented Ye in a copyright lawsuit back in June. However, circumstances have since changed considering Ye’s repeated antisemitic comments. On Friday, the firm told U.S District Judge Analisa Torres that it tried to serve Ye with a withdrawal order but to no avail. Moreover, Greenberg Trauig then asked the judge that the notice be published in Los Angeles newspapers, making sure the star gets the message loud and clear.

    In addition, the firm noted that since they can’t serve Ye through traditional means, they’ve resorted to a “belt-and-suspenders” method to drop him as a client. Additionally, they’ve asked the judge for an extension to the deadline to file.

    Ye Refuses To Communicate With His Lawyers

    Making matters worse, Ye has been famously known for dodging calls and talks with his attorney firm. After the rapper’s prior management dropped him, Greenberg Trauig distanced themselves from the case.

    Additionally, the firm told the judge that their attorneys were unable to communicate with Ye. Looks like the Donda has no one left to protect him. He’s creating bad blood with a lot of people these days.

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