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    Ye Has Been Accused Of Sexual Misconduct In The Workplace

    In the last few weeks, Kanye West has lost out on massive and lucrative deals right and left. With money basically going down the drain, Yeezy employees have decided to jump ship as well. Recently, former employers of the rap mogul have come forth to expose his gross sexual misconduct that he performed in the workplace.

    Kanye West Intimidates Employees With Adult Films

    When it comes to Ye, all bets are off. Unfortunately, the rapper has buried himself so many holes that it might be near impossible to dig himself out. Ye has recently dug himself another giant hole, after former Yeezy employees accused him of sexual misconduct. 

    Specifically, many have claimed that the rapper often played explicit adult films during job interviews and even meetings. Making matters worse, Ye would even share revealing photos and sex tapes taken with his ex-wife Kim Karadashian. Additionally, he’s even sexually harassed women in the workplace.

    During an interview with Rolling Stone, some “rising creatives” even described the work environment as a “disturbing sexualized atmosphere.” At this point, the allegations might even land him in jail and lead to a long sentencing at this point.

    The Rapper Admits He Has A Problem

    sexual misconduct
    via Record Store Day

    In the past, Ye has admitted that he’s a sex addict. Though, he’s done very little to receive the help and treatment he clearly needs. In fact, the rapper boasted about the fact that adult films have impacted him throughout his entire life.

    They’ve even inspired many of his creative fashions. Once he told a female employee that he wanted to “design a shoe that he could have intercourse with.” Arguably, Ye needs to find help immediately, before he destroys his career any further.

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