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    Xzibit’s Marriage To Wife Krista Joiner Comes To An End

    When famous couples breakup or divorce it usually spells disaster. Pimp My Ride host Xzibit’s marriage to wife Krista Joiner is heading straight for divorce. It’s too early to tell just what drama will ensue between the two during divorce proceedings. Though, the fact that the long-time couple called it quits after 20 years does break a few fan’s hearts. Why can’t Hollywood couples make their marriages last these days?

                              A Tumultuous Marriage

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    Married couples in Hollywood don’t last long. If they do past the 2-year mark, then they’re usually spent in agony for the most part. Rapper and actor Xzibit seemingly spent 6 beautiful years with wife Krista Joiner. The lovely couple started dating in 2001 and finally tied the knot in 2014. The couple were practically married before they even wed. Clearly, the two have a lot of history between each other. However, their marriage was far from perfect.

    In fact, on their wedding day, the Pimp My Ride host ended up behind bars. A few hours after their reception at the St. Regis Monarch Laguna Beach, CA, police pulled over Xzibit for drunk driving. Soon after, authorities arrested the rapper. Clearly, the 46-year-old had a little too much to drink at the reception.

    Additionally, the married couple endured a heartbreaking loss. Xzibit and his wife Krista Joiner welcomed their two children, Xavier and Gatlyn during their 20-year union. However, they went through a huge loss after their son Xavier passed away just after 11 days. The couple had difficulty coping with their son’s death especially Xzibit. To cope with young Xavier’s passing, the 46-year-old found salvation in HipHop music. During an interview with HipHopDX back in 2018, the rapper said, “It saved my life. Hip Hop saved my life definitely.” We can only imagine how hard the boy’s loss must’ve been on the rapper and his wife at the time.

                             Krista Joiner Calls It Quits

    via TMZ

    Krista Joiner and her famous husband Xzibit faced some major challenges in their marriage. After staying together for 20 years, it seemed like the two could go the distance. However, when Krista Joiner filed for divorce on earlier this week, that changed everything. The rapper’s wife turned in her divorce papers to Los Angeles Superior Court this past Monday. After 6 years of marriage, she called it quits. No further details have been released on spousal support or prenuptial agreements at this time. For now, neither Xzibit or Krista Joiner have commented on their recent divorce.

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